What Can You Do About Your Warts?


This is a common question that a lot of people have who’ve recently developed warts on their hands, neck, face, and other bodily regions. You can see pictures of flat warts on face here. There are a few options that you have as far as a line of treatment.

The first option you have is to literally do nothing. Warts will subside on their own with time. This will assure that there is no scarring after the wart is gone, and it will save you some money as opposed to over the counter options. The only downfall here is that you will have to live with looking at the wart until it’s gone. This can take a toll on your self confidence when warts are on the face and hands, meaning in plain sight for others to see them.

Another option is the good ole duct tape cure. You simple cover the wart with duct take. This remedy typically works in about eighty percent of the people who try it. Most of them notice the wart is gone within about one month.

There is wart paint that is sold at the local drug store. It contains a blend of salicylic acid which damages the outer layers of skin. This allows for your body’s natural immune defense to take hold on the remaining infected skin tissue.